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"Pro Quality Gear. Pro Quality Service."

Our company was founded to provide dealer support services for the Pazzo Racing brand of motorcycle levers. As the US distributor of Pazzo Racing products we provide product sales and support here in the United States. Throughout this journey we have come to market with a couple of our own processes and products. We have done a few firsts here including the first ever powder coated after market production motorcycle levers, these include solid and candy colors. We also designed and received patent pending on the first ever LED integrated motorcycle levers. The LEDs retrofit into most if not all Pazzo levers ever made. We continue to strive to keep the product fresh and we try to be the industry leaders in quality and customer service.

Pro Gear Industries was originally founded in 2009 under the name Imoto Concepts, LLC. In January of 2016 the corporation was restructured and renamed. We also decided it was time for a fresh website so we got down to business and created what you see before you now. We still serve our customers with the same staff out of the same location and look forward to serving old customers as well as new for years to come.